Kolo : Csmile Release New Single Off EP Project

Kolo : Csmile  Release New Single Off EP Project

Oparaugo Prisca Chioma, a Nigerian singer and songwriter better known by her stage name Csmile, shares some exciting news today: her most recent single, “Kolo,” is coming out.

Kolo” unfolds as a soulful and inspiring love melody, showcasing Csmile’s distinctive musical style. Produced by FMB Baby, the track is sure to captivate listeners with its romantic and uplifting vibe. Csmile, recognized for her smooth and progressive creative process, believes that “Kolo” perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song without the need for lengthy explanations.

Hailing from the IMO state, Csmile draws inspiration from her sister, attributing her unique sound and impact to her upbringing and personal experiences. With previous releases already gaining attention, Csmile continues to ascend as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene and on the global stage.

In discussions about upcoming projects, Csmile reveals her long-time work on an EP, with “Kolo” being the first release from this anticipated project. She promises her fans more soul-edifying music in the future. While no specific date is set for the EP, owing to the high demand from her fans, Csmile assures them of a later release in the year. Fans can also anticipate visually captivating music videos accompanying her tracks in the near future.



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